Family Values Lite
by Jerry Gilio
September 1, 2007

I love the double standard that the GOP applied to two of their own, Larry Craig and David Vitter. Both are married and solicited sex with someone other than their spouses. Sounds like the same moral failing. But there are two important differences that help explain why Vitter got a pass and Craig is getting pummeled.

The obvious difference is that Vitter solicited, and had, heterosexual sex. Craig solicited homosexual sex. So the Right Wing can take this as yet another opportunity to show their total opposition to The Gay Agenda. Adultery is naughty, but it's forgivable if it's hetero.

The less obvious difference is that if you boot Vitter, a Republican, out of his seat for violating the Code of Family Values that the Right holds sacred, the Democratic governor of his state would likely appoint a Democratic replacement. The horror! But if Craig's fellow Republicans tar and feather him, forcing him resign in shame, the Republican governor of his state would likely appoint a Republican replacement.

Craig offers the double whammy of providing an opportunity for that favorite GOP game, Bash the Homo, while not risking a seat in Congress.

So much for the GOP's dedication to Family Values. Apparently, those values are all well and good as long as they don't get in the way of politics or a good time.

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