Waiting for Gonzales
by Jerry Gilio
May 22, 2007

Dubya had some harsh words for Congress on its possible vote of no confidence in Alberto Gonzales:

Now, you asked about Alberto Gonzales. He has got my confidence. He has done nothing wrong. There's been enormous amount of attention on him -- that there's been no wrongdoing on his part. He has testified in front of Congress. And I, frankly, view what's taking place in Washington today as pure political theater. And it is this kind of political theater that has caused the American people to lose confidence in how Washington operates.

I stand by Al Gonzales and I would hope that people would be more sober in how they address these important issues. And they ought to get the job done of passing legislation, as opposed to figuring out how to be actors on the political theater stage.

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The Hypocrite in Chief may have found something that he actually knows about. After all, George W. Bush is the Corky St. Clair of political theater.

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