The Colbert Report: Heated Debate
by Jerry Gilio
May 18, 2007

They say that in college you learn how to learn. This hinges on developing your ability to defend a hypothesis with a coherent, fact-based argument. If you can't defend your position and your opponent can, you must reevaluate your position. That's learning, Sparky!

It elevates my blood pressure to see anyone who thinks reasoned discourse involves putting your fingers in your ears and screaming "Lalalalala...I'm not listening to you!"

Stephen Colbert did a masterful job of mocking just such a person on The Colbert Report. Here is The Word for your enjoyment, complete with Orwellian Newspeak. It's double-plus good!

NOTE: This video will expire on 6/16/2007. I tried to place it on YouTube so you could enjoy it indefinitely (and it would promote The Colbert Report indefinitely), but Viacom were whiny bitches and made YouTube remove it.

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