Who'd Guess I'd Agree With Barry Goldwater?
by Jerry Gilio
November 28, 2006

Barry Goldwater is often credited as being one of the driving forces behind modern American conservatism. So it seems odd that he and I should agree on a fundamental political principle, such as the balance between freedom and security. But that is exactly the case.

In his book, The Conscience of a Conservative, he states:

Putting fear of death in front of love of freedom is a sentiment that repudiates everything that is courageous and honorable and dignified in the human being. We must, as the first step in saving American freedom, offer the contrary view and make it the cornerstone of our foreign policy that we would rather die than lose our freedom. The American people are being told that, however valuable their freedom may be, it is even more important to live. A craven fear of death is entering the American consciousness.

This is essentially the point in my blog, The Price of Freedom, which I wrote before I became aware of this Goldwater quote.

So there you have it. George W. Bush has veered so far to the Right that he makes Barry Goldwater look as far to the Left as me. I guess Dubya really is a uniter.

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