Stupid Stoner Tricks
by Jerry Gilio
October 9, 2006

I stumbled across this story. How high were these guys? "Dude! Let's get the cops stoned!"

Police: Officers Served Pot In Hamburgers

LOS LUNAS, N.M. -- Los Lunas police told Action 7 News several employees at a fast-food restaurant in Los Lunas cooked marijuana into several Isleta officer's hamburgers late Sunday night.

It happened at the Burger King on Main street around 11:30 p.m.

Investigators said two restaurant employees put the pot in the burgers and served them to two officers from the Isleta Police Department.

After noticing something was wrong, police said the Isleta officers ran a field test on the burgers and they came back positive for marijuana.

"They consumed about 1/2 the hamburgers each before they found that there was something in the food," said Los Lunas police Lt. Joe Sanchez.

Los Lunas investigators say a total of three employees are facing charges including marijana posession and aggravated battery on an officer.

Source: KOAT

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