Flip-flop? You decide!
by Jerry Gilio
September 11, 2004
Steve Dahl, a Chicago radio host, has been bemoaning the fact that you can't separate fact from fiction in politics these days. He, like many Americans, is frustrated because the media doesn't seem to be doing fact checking or holding people accountable, especially for important issues.

I couldn't agree more. It takes way too much of my time trying to decide who's being honest and who isn't.

Yesterday, he played something that he heard on another local radio station that he considers a good example of what should be going on. The report contains Kerry explaining how he could have voted for the resolution that allowed Bush to invade Iraq but not have been in favor of the war. It shows how someone could do this without being a "flip-flopper".

Click here and listen to it. You decided if the facts back up Kerry's claim.

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